Sunday, October 18, 2009

sweet taters, ree and a pepper mill

i am so excited and full. tonight i went with two of my girlfriends, lauri and julie, for a little pre-birthday celebratory dinner and boy howdy was it ever so good. my 44th is coming up on thursday and my girls always take great care of me. don't get me wrong, i always look forward to spending some time with them, but most importantly, i know a good meal will be involved and tonight was no exception. we dined here, enjoying good ole southern cuisine. it's where i ate my weight in sweet potatoes among other tasty treats such as homemade mac and cheese, cabbage, bbq ribs, fried fish, corn bread and broccoli casserole, oh, i mean potato salad(it looked the same to me). thank you ladies. it was wonderful and very filling. now wait, it gets better, the presents! the girls know how much i enjoy the pioneer woman's blog, so they presented me with her brand new cookbook or rather a nice replica. it is sorta like a pioneer woman cooks award. it's a piece of wood with the cookbook's front cover lamented to it and a promissory note attached that tells me i have a pre-ordered copy on the way!! yeehaw!! oh, and it just keeps coming, the cherry to my over indulgent sweet tater, ree drummond sundae, a brand new pepper mill! i have been wanting one for a long time and either i have been to forgetful, lazy or cheap to make the purchase. this is what makes this ole gal happy. these are my diamonds, my jewels. thank you so much ladies for a great evening.

p.s.-my birthday is not till thursday, so there is still the opportunity for someone to get me that doughnut pan. teehee.


Cheryl said...

Happy Birthday, so glad you had fun with the girlz! I am going to be the dreaded 45! I pre-ordered Ree's cookbook too, I cannot wait!

pieceofmind said...

Yay! Happy Birthday and glad Julie and Lauri are taking care of you! You're inspiring me to work on my blog. I set it up like two years ago and can't discipline myself to write in it. 'Nice to have e-access to you almost every day thorugh FB and blog! Anna