Wednesday, January 6, 2010

ten useless tidbits about me

recently i have read quite a few blogs where the author shared information about themselves, useful or not. i thought what a great idea. i can start the new year by sharing information about me with you. some things you may already know. some things you may not, but i am pretty sure most of it will be totally useless. enjoy.

let's begin...

1. i hate laundry with a passion, especially folding. thank goodness for the fluff cycle.
2. i have only had a manicure once in my lifetime and i loved it.
3. i own only four purses, all which are over five years old.
4. i started drinking coffee when i turned forty.
5. i am a diabetic.
6. i have one ear pierced three times, the other only once. leftovers from the 80's.
7. i have a bs degree in clinical pyschology that is now over 20 years old and never used.
8. i hate canned salmon, no make that despise canned salmon.
9. i have never been camping.
10. i am not afraid of needles, but scared to death of a mouse.

did i forget anything?


Barbara Bakes said...

Fun list - although if you have kids you are using pyschology every day!

Bethie said...

LOL!! Thanks Barbara, but I don't think anything that I learned in college really plays out in life. I think I should have majored in chemistry instead. : )

Amanda said...

Good to know!! Lets have a manicure together ok?


Cheryl said...

Great list, I am a diabetic too! fun club huh? NOT :)

Sarah, Maison Cupcake said...

Why not go for another manicure if you loved it? I don't drink coffee but now I'm worried I might start. Ha ha I have ears pierced twice but second hole only gets poked occasionally with a stud to keep it open for old times' sake - again leftovers from the 80s. Canned salmon is not that great I'll give you that. I hate the spiney bits. Camping sucks, you are missing nothing. Mice make me jump if they surprise me - thankfully an extremely rare occurence.

noble pig said...

I had one ear double pierced from the 80's but now none or my earring holes are used and ae closed up.

cookies and cups said...

I agree...HATE folding. I would do laundry all day long, but folding it and putting it away...HATE. Especially socks.
Great blog!!

lisa said...

11. you're smart and your brain runs fast and you have such a wicked, warped sense of humor, topics run fast and conversations go off-the-charts in mere minutes. you laugh all the time. and you make me laugh, too :)

Pam said...

I still have two holes in each ear from the 80's.

I am not a fan of folding laundry and I HATE canned salmon too.

Patti at Worth The Whisk said...

I really do like a woman who only has four purses.