Sunday, October 10, 2010

cake pops, i need to practice

because i suck at them! oh my gosh, i though it would be easy, but nooooo! i made my cake balls too big, the sticks feel out, the chocolate was too thick and not enough. ugh. i need to try again.

i hate the flat tops or bottoms, however you want to see it. i need a piece of styrofoam to stick the pops in as they cool. they taste good, but just plain ugly. you can find a recipe for them anywhere on the net.

this looks likes "the monster" going through puberty, a flat, square head with pimples. yikes!

i might try again, soon. enjoy.


Cheryl said...

They look freaking cute to me!

Lisa said...

The main thing is that they taste good, which I'm sure they do. At any rate, practice makes perfect and I wouldn't mind eating all that extra cake during the "practice."

April said...

I think they are super cute! What kind of chocolate did you use? I made some oreo ones a couple of weeks ago and used Wilton and it was so thick, I had to thin it with a little oil.

Barbara Bakes said...

They aren't ugly at all. They're really fun!