Sunday, December 19, 2010

easiest peanut butter fudge evah

two ingredients is all it takes to make this yummy fudge. when i saw the recipe on the net i just knew i had to give it a try.

here is what you do:

butter an  8x8 pan, in a microwave nuke for one minute each, a tub of vanilla frosting and one 16oz jar of peanut butter, mix together till blended, spread into your prepared pan and then pop into the fridge till firm. you are done.  i am now thinking chocolate frosting and peanut butter? chunky peanut butter? almond butter? hmmmmm.....

enjoy. i know i did.

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Lisa said...

I made a really easy fudge this week too, but it sounds like yours is even simpler. Looks delicious and I love the possibilities.