Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentine's day and yep, i am still here

i am still alive and kicking, but have been so not motivated to post, cook, bake, clean, you name it. i think i must have the winter blahs. today, here in yorktown, it is 72 degrees and a freaking teaser. i love it and it makes me feel so much better, but, wait, it all crashes back down to the freaking forties tomorrow. i am so ready for spring. i am ready for the windows to be up in the house and down in the car. i am ready to hear my chickens singing and happily over running  me with eggs to share. i am so ready for vacation even if it is a staycation. i am just so about you?

happy valentine's day friends. tonight, it is ribeyes on the grill, roasted veggies, cesar salad, rolls and chocolate icebox cake. yum. enjoy.

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Kayte said...

Well, I wondered what you had been up to over there...and I after reading this, I also wonder why I wasn't at your place yesterday with the wonderful temperatures (we are rejoicing at 39 degrees with a bit of melting) and that great Valentine's Day dinner...yep, what was I thinking missing all of that? Would have been a great day to crash. Cute, cute, cute Valentine Boy!