Monday, March 7, 2011

compost.... poop happens

and lots of it especially when you have chickens, so i want to start composting. i want to not only compost  the chicken poop, but all my kitchen scraps, etc.... so i want, scratch that, need both a compost kitchen pail and a compost tumbler. now, the kitchen pail ain't cheap, but i found one at lowe's reasonably priced. i like it. it is plain, but pretty.

there are fancier ones out there, but this serves its purpose, i just need it to haul my egg shells, coffee grounds, veggie scraps to the tumbler outdoors. it beats the old cool whip and coffee containers i had been using. now, the tumbler, dang, those puppies are expensive. the few we looked both at the local home store and online were over $150!! each. i don't think so. jamie's wheels started spinning and he got to making me a homemade jobbie.

first he rounded up a scrap barrel, wood, saw blades, steering wheel, pvc, etc... to get it going. so far, cost=free!

i think i might need a horn on that sucker....beep..beep!

then he bought two bearings=$16 not bad.....

awww, he tried to personalize it, no not really, it is part of an old road sign he used on the inside for support.

then he bought two cans of special plastic paint, in black, to draw the heat=$12, still not bad, so $28 later i get this!

i love it!!
it beats $150 any day! thanks honey. now we can churn some black gold for our raised veggie gardens. what? raised veggie gardens, wait till you see what he is cooking up for that one. stay tuned. meanwhile....

you girls get to pooping!! yea, like you need my encouragement. enjoy.


Cheryl said...

You have a damn creative husband! Awesome, I saw one at Costco yesterday for over 150 bucks, yours is prettier!

Barbara Bakes said...

Okay now I'm impressed. Pretty soon you'll be another Martha!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Hey Bethie, Stopping by from CBW's. I have chickens too! So I hear you on the poop! Love the compost. I may have to "steal" the idea! Love your blog. I'll be back!