Monday, September 28, 2009

easy three milks cake

sorry i haven't been around the past few days, the hubs and i have been battling colds, not much fun. i did get it together enough to try my hand at a tres leches or three milk cake. i scoured the net and found this recipe. it had good reviews, and lots of'em, so i figured why not give it a whirl. this is a super simple cake to bake, comes together quickly and tastes good enough for company. surprisingly, it not super sweet as you might expect. one regret, i wished i had some berries. it needs berries. berries would be nice, any berries. fresh or frozen berries. enjoy.

p.s.-a few notes, i used the two cups of "cake soaking" milk mixture that the recipe calls for, which leaves lots of extra milk, enough for cake #2. i think it will be fine in the fridge for awhile. also, i made the effort to find the crema, which is a table cream. it can be found in most mega marts on the hispanic food aisle . one more thing, pay attention to your whipping cream, don't get distracted by a four year old like i did and beat it too stiff. it should be nice and fluffy. it spreads easier that way.
wouldn't this be pretty with some berries?


TeaLady said...

Sounds wonderful. MSC has a tres leches cupcake i want to try.

Glad y'all are on the road to recovery.

Cheryl said...

Yummy looking, my husband eats this when he is traveling in Costa Rica and always bugs me to make it which I have not done yet, thanks you did all the research for me!

noble pig said...

I love, love cake like this!

Pam said...

Berries would be pretty on top but I think it looks amazing just the way it is. It looks so moist!