Tuesday, September 8, 2009

first day of middle school

ahhh, intermediate school, junior high, middle school, apparently no matter whatcha call it, it's all the same-sheer torture. well, at least according to my 11 year old daughter. doesn't she look thrilled to go to her first day of middle school?
come on caroline, school is fun. it is fun to run in between classes to your locker in under three minutes, scarf your lunch down in fifteen, worry about whether you were going to be teased for wearing butter cookies, dressing out for gym, zits, should i shave my legs, your first dance and the big one in general- puberty ! what joy! oh, and don't forget the school work on top of all what is truly important in your life during this time.

i loved school. how about you?


Cheryl said...

She is a cutie so tall and skinny! Love the pants. I loved school till high school thats when I fell in love!

Pam said...

Too funny. I have good memories of school but I do remember all the hardships too. My daughter started her first day of 1st grade - I cried all the way home after dropping her off. I can't believe she's such a big kid now.

Jamie said...

Hmmm, maybe THAT'S the speech President Obama should have given! Poor thing, she looks so dainty and sweet to face such a world. Oh well, if I had only known then what I know now, but they'll never believe it if we tell them!

Good luck, Caroline.