Tuesday, May 18, 2010

blueberry mochi cake

when i saw the recipe for blueberry mochi cake over at the food librarian's site, i just knew i wanted to give it a try. i bookmarked it. i had never had any type of mochi before, but was familiar with it, so off to hunt for the sweet rice flour. we have a local, rather large, asian supermarket here, but i had never stepped foot in it. oh my, what have i been missing? i was a like a kid in a candy shop or more like a seaweed and noodle shop. it was so neat, well not reall, but it was fascinating. it would have been amazing if i wasn't continually distracted by travis taking every item off the shelf, almost doing a header out the basket, or hollering that he wanted "that" not grasping that "that" was a vacuumed packed bag of chestnuts not chocolates. nasty. anyway, i did find the boxes of sweet rice flour, grabbed two and headed home to make the cake. i am going back there soon, childless.

i made the cake and well, i am the only one who liked it. mochi is not real sweet, but is sticky, buttery and chewy. it is very textural. travis tried to eat a piece with a fork and it was not happening. he did better with the fork acting as a "holder" and just biting at the cake. for him, that wasn't happening either. he gave up.

overall, this blueberry mochi cake is definitely different. i think it would be delicious served with coffee or tea. it is nothing like your typical american style cake. i do have another box of sweet rice flour to use and i plan to, but this time i am thinking a chocolate or coconut mochi cake might be good. hmmmm..... i hope you will try the recipe for yourself. it would be a food adventure. enjoy.

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