Thursday, July 1, 2010

first time pesto

oh my this stuff is awesome and so dang easy to make. in your food processor whirl three cups of fresh basil with a third cup of toasted walnuts, two cloves of fresh garlic, a half cup of good parmesan cheese and a pinch of kosher salt. you might need to scrape the sides down once or twice. now slowly stream in a third cup to one half of good olive oil, just till you get the consistency you want. that's it, you got homemade pesto! store in an airtight container with a extra drizzle of olive oil on top to help prevent oxidation. it should keep several days, but you can also freeze this in ice cube trays and pop the green cubes into ziplocs for fresh pesto all year around. that is my plan as soon as my basil plant pust out again.

i topped a few triscuits with this straight from the food processor and fell in love. so fresh and delicious. later, i made a light supper by gently mixing some pesto with farfalle pasta, canned, drained, rinsed cannellini beans topping it all with some creamy goat cheese. yeehaw! it was so "miss fancy pants". i hope you will give pesto a whirl when you get a chance. it is dang tasty. enjoy.

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TeaLady said...

Love pesto. This looks super simple and quite tasty. Good job on this one.