Friday, July 30, 2010

happy birthday randi

today is my sister-in-law's birthday! i won't tell you how old she is, but i will tell you that she is older than me. grin. to celebrate i made a big ol' lasagna dinner capped off with a white chocolate strawberry swirl cheesecake. i don't like cheesecake and besides i am dieting, so none for me. i am told it was delicious, creamy with flavors of both strawberry and lemon. i guess i will have to take their word for it. all i can add is that it was easy to make. oh, i did serve the extra fresh strawberry sauce on the side.

the recipe came from an issue of cusine at home and is really long, not hard, but long. i am feeling lazy tonight, so here is where another fellow blogger made the cheesecake, subbing oreos for the crust. oh yum. i like that idea. pretty cool how are cakes look so similar. enjoy.

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April said...

I am sure it was delicious!!! It looks wonderful!