Saturday, July 17, 2010

low carb flourless chocolate cupcake

i am still on my low carb diet and i am craving sweets something terrible. i have seen quite a few recipes for low carb desserts, but mostly crap involving ricotta or cream cheeses. forget that, i need chocolate, dark chocolate. when i hit phase two i will be able to have a tiny bit, but that is another whole week away. i want it know. i hit upon martha stewart's recipe for flourless chocolate cupcakes and attempted to make it low carb. there is no flour in the recipe, hence the word
"flourless" in the title, so that is easy enough. i subbed unsweetened chocolate for the bittersweet and xylitol for the sugar. xylitol, packaged under the name of ideal is a natural sweetner and sugar replacement. the cupcakes where pretty good, not great. you bake with ideal and sugar one to one, but since i started with unsweetened chocolate i should have used more than what the recipe alloted. i also may have baked them a tad too long. they were not soft and moist in the middle, but dense and fudgy. all in all, they are definitely good enough for a redo, like maybe tomorrow. enjoy.

the little squirt of whipped cream help cut the bitterness of the dark chocolate. i ate two.

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