Wednesday, September 22, 2010

blanket or pap smear?

it is a tough choice. you know i am not crafty, but every once in awhile i get a wild hair up my yahoo to try my hand at something new. this time, it was a no sew blanket for caroline. omgosh, what a pain. first, i had no place to work other than my living room floor, which is coverd by a hard, hot, ancient braided rug dotted with dog hair. i could only last ten minutes at a time and my yahoo would be numb. is there such thing as getting hemorrhoids from a braided rug? i sure hope not. next, i must own the crappiest, dullest scissors in town. my cuts make the fleece fringe look like ric rack. oh and lets talk fleece, that stuff in not cheap, of course, it didn't help that i made a blanket big enough for bigfoot himself. i didn't know. i do now.

oh, and one more thing, the pattern, holy cow! it  about made me blind and i have very little sight to spare as it is. those hearts are fuzzy and i kept going cross eyed. overall though, i thought  the blanket turned out pretty cute and caroline is thrilled. it is heavy, soft and warm, perfect for her bed, curling up on the couch or to take camping,

but back to the choice of making another no sew blanket or a pap smear. let me think about it, although i am leaning towards the latter......enjoy.

ps-you just know travis is going to want one now.


PAW PAW RAZI said...


Barbara Bakes said...

Sorry it was such a pain. It sure looks cozy! How was the pie?

April said...

It turned out great!! Travis's won't be as you know what to expect. :)