Monday, September 20, 2010

first time kettle corn

i have become an kettle corn. holy crap that is some good stuff. whoever came up with that sweet and salty combo should either be given a medal or shot! i had my first taste of the stuff when i bought a bag several weeks ago outside of bass pro outfitters. this outfit was selling it as a fund raiser to help wounded soldiers and their families. i bought a small bag and ate the entire small bag. oh my gosh. it was soooo good and it had these amazing huge balls of swalty(my made up word for sweet and salty, ya like it) popcorn! i came home, hopped on the net and begun my popping corn research. i found out that there is type of popcorn that is called mushroom popcorn. read about it here.

you can not buy it in stores, so i ordered a two pound bag from just poppin and got busy making my own kettle corn! i did okay. i found a recipe online and went with it. i liked that it was super simple, but i gotta learn when enough is enough, and to pull the pot off the heat. mine got a little too brown, the sugar caramelized then burned, not good folks. overall, i will be making this again, but i have decided that i need one little thing, a whirley pop! i am so getting myself this, you wait and see. it is on my list of haves.

oh, i did try a microwave version of the kettle corn, devised by myself and it wasn't awful, just quick and okay. i definitely prefer the stove top taste more. have fun. enjoy.

you can find the recipe i used here!


lisa said...

bring me some!

April said...

I still can't believe you made kettle corn!! Looks fantastic!

Cheryl said...

I adore Kettle Corn, YUM!