Friday, November 5, 2010

gingerbread snack cake

okay, so this is not a cookie, but it could be a cupcake, little loaf or even a small bundt cake for gift giving. i was in the mood this week for some gingerbread and guess what? i can not find my copy of martha stewart's gingerbread cake anywhere, not even the net. guess what, again? you may think i am joking, but her recipe is actually dang tasty. why the sarcasm? well, i tend to find that ms. stewart's recipes quite frankly, stink. i love her, but her recipes not so much. instead, i found a quick and easy gingerbread on the food network website. i made it. it is okay, but not as good as the queen's. it is moist, but not enough bite for me. honestly, i doubt i would make it again, but if you prefer an easy listening gingerbread as oppose to an heavy metal one, this is it. you can enjoy yours in the elevator and i will mine in the mosh pit.

you can find the recipe right here. enjoy

ps-a lemon sauce, caramel sauce, buttermilk syrup or even some vanilla whipped cream would have added a nice touch, but i didn't do it. my bad.

Week 6 Twelve Weeks of Christmas:


Kayte said...

Looks great from here! I swear by Martha's pie crust, it never ever fails me and it is so dang good! I have been making it for more years than Caroline and Travis have been around. That said, I have found that I need to try her recipes and then adjust a bit for most of them. We are doing her cupcakes now and I am about 50/50 on those being "to die for" as some of them are awfully dry...including the gingerbread ones. I hope you find your recipe. Do you know which book it was from as I have several and I could check to see if I can find it here for you.

Lee Ann said...

Oh yum...that's all I can say is yum!!!

Lisa said...

I'm like you, I like gingerbread with bite. Still, this cake does look good.

Cheryl said...

I need to make this, I have been totally slacking lately!