Saturday, December 11, 2010

cappuccino fudge

caroline loves fudge and i usually make a simple recipe using  a popular sweetened condensed milk, which is pretty much fool proof, but the other day i stumbled across annie's eats  and her recipe for cappuccino fudge.  i knew i had to give it a try. i am so glad i did. it is delicious. it is creamy, smooth with big coffee flavor. caroline gave it two thumbs up, well, as she was licking her fingers, they flew up in the air, so i counted them. go whip up a batch today. it makes a great breakfast treat, well, in my house anyway. enjoy.

1 comment:

Kayte said...

Going for it...guys here love chocolate and cappuccino, figuring this would be a win win. And, I also trust Caroline...someone licking their fingers with a thumbs up sign has to be reliable! Have a great weekend!