Monday, November 30, 2009

cook's illustrated crust and pumpkin pie

family loved it, i thought it was too spicy and too much trouble. the pie crust was simple and flaky enough, but i think there are still better recipes out there. the pie, libby's version is definitely simpler and way taster in my opinion. regardless. the pie is gone, eaten by my pumpkin eater caroline. she thought it was fantastic. i found the recipe here.


Pam said...

I think it looks tasty - spicy is good when it comes to pumpkin pie.

Cheryl said...

I saw that crust and almost tried it, I did copy the recipe down but now I know I can ditch it!

Amanda said...

That so weird you mention the spice... I had my first ever "spicy" pumpkin pie this year... and the jury is still out for me! :) When it comes to pumpkin pie though, I always buy. I have screwed up more then I care to admit! Your looks great!