Sunday, July 19, 2009

chef george francisco's signature panna cotta

george francisco is an acclaimed chef. he is the chef at jonah's, a gorgeous beach resort outside of sydney, australia. george has cooked for the likes of julia child and disney (my two personal favorites), just to mention a few. he has traveled all over the world enjoying exciting adventures. thank gawd, 'cause i need someone to live through. george has been my friend since i was eight years old and for me, my more exciting adventure is his return home to virginia. i am so fortunate to be able to enjoy his culinary escapades. one of his most recent success stories is the fame of his fun signature dessert from jonah's, a vanilla panna cotta. it is jiggly and woobly and makes you think of a, well, i'll let you decide. it even has its own video on youtube thanks to chocolatesuze. i was so fortunate that the chef treated us all to one at a recent cookout he hosted at his parents home. i think it was quite possibly the most delicious thing i have ever eaten. i literally licked the plate. (i did it when no one was looking, jeez)

ladies and gentleman, i give you the jiggly boobie, as demonstrated by julie.

if you would like to watch a video of george plating these not so perky beauties, go here . also, here is another good video from the taste of sydney 2009.

oh, and here are a few fun cookout photos...
george, the grill master george's parents and jim, julie's hubby
george and julie
my little man travis and julie's claire. "travis loves claires"
(personally, i love e-claires)


Pam said...

I love panna cotta. It sounds like you had a lovely time with your old friend and some great food.

Karine said...

I love panna cotta too! Do you still have some?

Karen said...

Wow, you're an old friend of George Francisco? Say hi to him from us food bloggers in Sydney!

We all absolutely love him well as his laviscious dessert! I remember chocolatesuze and all of us being absolutely entranced! I don't think any dessert will top that panna cotta at Taste of Sydney.

Long live the jiggle!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Hehe he looks so different with a beard! He looks so relaxed. I must admit every time I see him he's cooking at an event so it's hardly a relaxing time!

nooschi said...

Wow...that panna cotta has got quite the jiggle. I may have to check this place out the next time I visit my hubby in Sydney. Very cool!

Jamie said...

Thanks for the link to this Panna Cotta! I love it! It is indeed the most fun in a Panna Cotta I've ever seen - and really petty!

And your Lily is gorgeous!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth,
I've been trying to find the moulds used by George Francisco, but can't seem to find them anywhere, are you able to ask him where I can buy them? Thank you. LC