Friday, July 24, 2009

smack yo mama good crash hot potatoes

look at these puppies. they have got to be some of the best taters i have had in a long time. i had seen the recipe over at the pioneer woman's site quite awhile ago, but had yet to make it. we had sliders with caramelized onions for dinner last night, so leftovers were on tonight's menu. i needed to make a side dish that might distract from that fact. it seemed like a good time to give ree's crash hot potatoes a try. i was not disappointed. the recipe couldn't be more simple. i had a half bag of red bliss potatoes i needed to use anyway. while i boiled them till fork tender in a large pot of salted water, i drizzled a generous amount of olive oil on a cookie sheet. once the taters were done, i placed them on the cookie sheet and smashed each one flat with my potato masher. i then brush more olive oil on top(starbucks is helpful at this step, but not necessary) and sprinkled copious amounts of kosher salt and black pepper. oh mama.
i then popped these tubers into a 450 degree fahrenheit oven for about 25 minutes. They came out so crispy and crusty. i couldn't resist dolloping sour cream on mine, wishing i had some chives. big j smothered his in ketchup wishing, i don't know what he was wishing, probably that he didn't have to eat sliders two nights in a row.
regardless, the potatoes were a big hit with him. he has already requested them for sunday breakfast with bacon and eggs. i think i can oblige. enjoy.


Cheryl said...

I have seen these in the blogsphere and always wanted to make them

Leslie said...

These look seriously delish..and sooo simple