Monday, July 27, 2009

chicken pot pie, dang easy, dang tasty

so pam, over at for the love of cooking, one of my favorite food blogs ever, posted a beautiful chicken pot pie. i want pam to take pity on me and invite me over for dinner one night. it doesn't matter that she lives clear over yonder on the west coast. i will come bearing gifts. how about a smithfield ham and a big ole can of peanuts? well, it is more likely that i will be stuck here munching those goobers while dreaming of her food. pam's mexican creations make my over cheesed heart pitter patter and my overindulged stomach growl. anyway....

her pot pie recipe sounded so wonderful that i had to give it a try. it is 99% pam's with a dash of beth. i am not such a hot pastry chef, so i cheated and used store bought pie crust. when i unrolled the crust, it was too small and too round for my oval baking dish, so i used a cookie cutter to cut circles which i overlapped on top. it worked beautifully. i pretty much followed her filling recipe to a " t" with the exception that i added both sliced celery and pinch of thyme to the mushroom/onion/garlic saute. the pot pie was delicious. big j and i ate over half in one sitting and polished off leftovers tonight. c wouldn't taste any pot pie even if it was spoon-fed to her by a jonas brother. little t, boxed mac and cheese was calling his name. folks, please give pam's chicken pot pie recipe and her delightful site a visit. it will be worth your while. go do it now, go do it for the love of cooking or in my case, for the love of eating! enjoy.

p.s.- i am thinking next time, beef pot pie with a cheesy crust? holey moley. oh, and sorry for the one and only "not so good" picture. i was too busy shoveling it in.


Pam said...

Oh Bethie - you just made my day! I am so glad you liked the pot pie - it's total comfort food. I like what you did with the pastry on top. Thanks for your kind words about my blog and for the link back to my site. I think beef with a cheese crust sounds amazing!

Cheryl said...

Ahh I love Pam, she is my next door neighbor and has shared some wonderful things with me! I cant wait to make that but it is 106 degrees here! YUCK