Friday, July 17, 2009

good friends never really go away

see these two people, julie and george, they are my friends. i mean lifelongers. julie, i see regularly, lives close by, full time working mom, kids, chats on the phone, etc... george, an accomplished chef, i don't get to see so much, in fact decades have passed. he is an aussie transplant who came home to holiday with his son. we just spent four hours talking and drinking coffee, picking up where we left off so many years ago. it only took seconds, eye contact really, for the comfortable familiarity to come back into play. why is that? what makes a person that special in someone's life? i don't know, but why does it take reaching midlife to realize how much we do miss and need them? do we crave the reminiscing and hearty laughs? is it the fact the we are weighted down with life? death? divorce? kids? that we don't have time to realize what we are missing. who knows? the one thing i do know is that i have two great friends, regardless if one is right around the corner or on the other side of the world.

wanna found out more about chef george ? look here, and here, and here.


Pam said...

I feel like that with some of my friends too...we won't talk forever then just simply fall right back to our old friendship over a few hugs and words.

I can't find your e-mail address so I'll answer your question here.

I didn't double the frosting or cake recipe. I did bake it in a 9x9 pan and the cake does turn out a tad thin. I carefully spread the frosting over the cake (I actually thought of doubling it but didn't have the time). The frosting covered it up and worked well for me. I hope it turns out okay for you.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

what great photos and I know how much you were looking forward to seeing George! That swaying pannacotta is amazing-I wonder how it's described on the Jonah's menu hehe

Julie said...

What a beautiful evening! I could easily insert your name in place of my own, Beth, and all you wrote would be true for me.