Saturday, August 22, 2009

chocolate zucchini cake, not so purty

first and foremost, always, always use dark or dutch processed cocoa when making this cake. i had to learn this ugly truth the hard way. it not only contributes a deep dark chocolate flavor, it hides the zucchini! yikes. see, i used plain ole hershey's and just look at those little green shreds dangling out the sides. you are not suppose to see them. i was in too much of a hurry to make this and didn't feel like running back to the market. although it didn't affect the taste, it messes up fooling folks. it doesn't work so good.

now, back to the taste. surprisingly the cake is truly delicious. i tell you, my four year old ate this particular piece without a single complaint. amazing. go here to see how a master does it. the repressed pastry chef is a genius. me, not so much. also, this young lady does a bang up job with her version. it was her recipe that i followed, pretty much. i did add a full teaspoon of vanilla extract that i just received from beanilla plus a teaspoon of instant coffee powder. the cake, although not purty, is moist, fudgie with no taste of the squash. i opted not to do a frosting 'cause my family doesn't like it. i know, i know, sinful, huh? i just sprinkled a little powdered sugar on top( mostly to hide the zucchini). i would like to make this again and do it real justice, but meanwhile, i think i will just stick to oven roasting my veggies. enjoy.


TeaLady said...

But I like seeing green shreds. Makes me feel like something is 'healthier'. LOL

Really, it looks tasty.

Pam said...

Good tip on using the Dutch processed cocoa...I'll give it a try next time I bake with zucchini. The cake still looks tasty to me.

By the way, the peanuts are just plain peanuts from Trader Joe's.

Cheryl said...

That looks really good, I still have a bunch of Zuchinni's left

Anonymous said...

I love the chocolate/zucchini combo! I made tofu muffins over the weekend - they turned out really good, but were even better this morning when I toasted it! :D