Sunday, August 16, 2009

queen bee for a day

so my oldest turned eleven today and all she wanted was a trip to the spa. well, i have never had a trip to the spa. well, she got her trip to the spa, me too, but only to watch. she had selected the queen bee package which included a pedicure, manicure, a honey facial and a makeup application. it was great. we both had a wonderful time. i really enjoyed watching caroline being pampered. the ladies truly made her feel special with all the attention and let's not forget the robe, slippers and fun spa snack. she felt magical and special, but i gently reminded her who the true queen been was and that after today, she was being demoted back to worker bee. sweet.
i had a manicure once, it was free at the car dealership as i got my oil change.

waiting for her honey facial, she swore it made her a nicer person.
mom, enough already.
i swear i can't put mascara on either unless my mouth is wide open.
her kelly lebrock "don't hate me because i'm beautiful" look. she didn't get it.
her nails of many colors.
my girl.

dang, i might cry.


Cheryl said...

What a gorgeous kid! And a nice thing for a birthday!

Leslie said...

Your daughter is beautiful!! Happy Birthday

Marian said...

Aw, loved reading your post. I can imagine how you must have felt - so pretty your Queen Bee for a day!