Sunday, August 9, 2009

peanut butter oatmeal cookies, i wouldn't call them the "best"

i have been in cookie mode this weekend. i had a half jar of "cheap" peanut butter that I needed to use, so i sifted through some recipes and came across this one. i figured why not? i love peanut butter(cheap or jif) and oatmeal, so why not combine the two. it is a good cookie, not my favorite or the "best" peanut butter cookie. i am still searching. got a great recipe? send it my way and i will bake a batch. anyway....

these cookies came together easily and quickly. the dough was a little soft, so i refrigerated it between baking. the cookies are slightly undercooked, chewy, sweet and peanutty. you can see the oatmeal in them, so it gives the illusion you are eating healthy. big j he loved them. he thought they were tasty with his hot coffee. the kids, they love peanut butter, but didn't love these. they both whined for more snickerdoodles. well, you know who's boss in this house, so off to make more snickerdoodles. enjoy.

also, i melted a square of semi-sweet chocolate with a smidge of butter in the micro and topped a few, not too shabby.

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Cheryl said...

I love the chocolate on top, gonna steal it!