Wednesday, August 26, 2009

hummus, just too easy

i love hummus!! i could eat it everyday with some pita and feta cheese, simply divine. i went to trader joe's today with the mindset of whipping up a fresh batch. i have always purchased the housebrand and have never made my own. i grabbed some canned chickpeas, fresh garlic and tahini. No wait, i didn't get no stinkin' tahini, because TJ's doesn't sell it! pleeeeeze, they sell everything else, why not tahini? i guess they want you to buy hummus rather than make it. i'd showed them. i made mine without the tahini, so there. it was delicious, too. it was not the best, but dang close. it got better the longer it sat. it was creamy and garlicky, just yummy. now, i do plan on buying some tahini next time i see it, but meanwhile i can do without. you know, i have mixed emotions about trader joe's. i find that most of the time i am disappointed with my purchases once i get home. i do have a few staple items from there, evoo, red wine vinegar and chewable melatonin(helps my adhd daughter sleep, great stuff).

tj's, i go once in awhile, spend way too much money and regret it only to return weeks later to start the process all over again.

beth's hummus

in a processor, pulse till smooth the following:

one clove of garlic
one can of drained chickpeas
juice of a half of lemon
sea salt and fresh ground pepper to taste

stream in about two tablespoons of evoo till it is the consistency you like, taste and adjust seasonings. some folks like to add cumin, not me. if you have tahini you could mix it with the evoo and then add. let this sit for little while for the flavors to blend. i like to drizzle a little more evoo on top before diving in with a hunk of pita bread. try not eat all at once. enjoy.


lisa said...

sounds wonderful! said...

I wonder if I could make this without the garlic? I love hummus, but my boys do not. Maybe they would like it if there was no garlic. :0)

Cheryl said...

YUM, I bought the stuff to make it and never did, maybe this weekend. Yours looks gorgeous!

Pam said...

I love hummus - yours looks simple and delicious.

Emily said...

I love hummus! It looks delish.

The closest TJ's to me is an hour and a half away so I pretty much just run in when I'm on my way somewhere else and pick up a case of 3 buck chuck and a tub of their mini cookies, or last time I picked up the little biscotti tub. Yum.