Friday, April 24, 2009

beth's best

or at least that what my daughter calls my salsa. it certainly isn't anything extraordinary in my opinion, but it has been a big hit here at the ole homestead. c has eaten three batches in five days. it's good for ya, right? it is a simple salsa made from canned tomatoes i pilfered from a food blog. i added a little sugar and bingo we have a winner. want the recipe? here, have it anyway.

throw in the processor or blender, a clove of garlic and half of a smallish onion, pulse a few times to chop. add a 14 oz. can of tomatoes with jalapenos(i use del monte with zesty jalapenos), handful of fresh cilantro, juice of one big ole lime, salt and sugar to taste. give the processor a whirl, stick you finger in and taste. a word to the wise, please stop processor before inserting finger(you will thank me later on this one). i keep adjusting salt and sugar till i get it right where i want it.

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