Tuesday, April 28, 2009


what is pocky? i have seen this "thing" mentioned on so many food blogs. there are folks out there who are pocky connoisseurs or pocky collectors(snort). i will just refer to them as pocky people. now, i have actually seen pocky at my local mega mart, so today i bought a box. it looks pretty unassuming, some type of asian treat. i have to admit, i am really leary of any asian food fad, from bubble tea to now, pocky. i adore all types of asian food, but have a fear that when i crack the wrapper the stench of fish food will come wafting out. okay, let me assure you, pocky is delicious. they are little biscuit rods dipped in chocolate. you get about 20 of these little gems in a pack for about a dollar. my first thought was, what i can i make with these? they are so tasty. they even have strawberry pocky. i want more.

i wonder if there is a pocky fan club out there for pocky people like me?

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