Monday, April 27, 2009

oh gawd, high school all over again

so, i applied for a secretarial position with the county's school system. i had to go take a test at the high school today. they tested me on microsoft word, did okay, missed two out of 22 questions, stupid mistakes just like in high school, but still passed. then the lady gives me a four page, front and back grammar test. holy moley! i breathed deep and try to shake it off, don't look at the clock, calm down, wipe sweaty palms on pants and move on. i got my #2 sharpened and headed straight for the multiple choice. unlike high school, i actually skipped some questions, came back, reviewed, erased and changed a few answers. i scored a 95%!! dang, if i had done that good in high school i wouldn't be trying for a secreterial job, but go after the superintendent's!

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