Saturday, April 25, 2009

dear starbucks-i will work for whipped cream

i would, i tell ya. pay me in whip hits.

why do i love starbucks? i really don't get it myself, but i do. i love the smell. i love the scones. i love the coffee. i love the venti black shakened ice tea with four splendas and extra ice. i love it all, but what i really love is the whipped cream. that stuff is magical. i covet the snazzy, silver, pressurized canister filled with fluffy love. that stuff is proof God loves us.

i hope there is a starbucks in heaven.


lisa said...


you didn't mention the clean bathrooms. we always use starbucks on road trips.

Bethie said...

can't say i have ever had the honor of peeing there.