Thursday, April 23, 2009

cockeyed cake

this is cockeyed cake, a quick and simple snack cake you can throw together in minutes. maybe i should come up with some type of rating system? let me think on it. one out of five stars, whisks, dancing pigs, I dunno. anyway, i nicked the recipe from a popular internet food website and tweaked to my liking. here ya go, oh use good cocoa, not the crappy house brand stuff like me(sometimes being a tightwad just doesn't pay off).

heat oven to 350 degrees and pam an 8x8 pan.
in a bowl whisk 1.5 cups flour, 2/3 cup sugar and 4 tbsp. cocoa, add to that 1 tsp. of baking soda and a 1/2 tsp. salt. now mix in 5 tbsp. oil, 1 tbsp. vinegar, yes vinegar, and 1 tsp. of vanilla. okay, add one cup cold water mix until smooth and pour into your prepared pan. bake for 30 minutes. dust with 10x sugar to make pretty. verdict-me-needs more cocoa; big j-ate four pieces, must be good; c-wouldn't touch it, choose dill pickles instead; t-one bite, declared it ain't no brownie and walked off. i would make again, too easy not too.


lisa said...

lol at the title!
"kevin's cake"

this, i printed. WANT.

Bethie said...

it tastes better today than it did last evening fresh from the oven.