Monday, June 29, 2009

chocolate dream pie

folks, if you need something quick and easy for a summer cookout, church social, or just to treat the family, whip up this chocolate dream pie. it is so easy and so tasty. this recipe has been around for a gazillion years right on the back of the ole dream whip box. you remember dream whip, don't ya? it came before cool whip. i can see my mama right now whipping up a batch to top my dad's saccharine sweetened jello. mmmm, mmmm good. my mama also used to make this pie for us kids. i had forgotten all about this simple sweet treat until i spotted a box of dream whip at the market. i just had to make a chocolate one for my youngin's and it was a big hit. no one ran screaming in horror, but all smacked their lips in approval. heck, i already got plans for a coconut one. holey moley. enjoy.

dream pie

2 envelopes of dream whip
2 3/4 cup cold milk(separated)
1 tsp. of good vanilla
2 small boxes your flavor choice of instant pudding
one baked pastry crust or a graham cracker crust( i went with graham cracker myself)

with mixer, beat the two envelopes of dream whip, one cup of milk and the vanilla till stiff peaks form, about five/six minutes. add in the two boxes of pudding and the rest of milk(1 3/4 cup) and continue to beat about two minutes. scrape down the bowl at least once. spoon into crust and chill at least four hours. top with whipped topping if you like.

this would also be good as parfaits! yum.


Anonymous said...

I remeber the pies Bethie they were the bomb. Nice pic, it looked so good and sweet I stuck my fork in to get a bite and blew out my monitor OMG!!!!

lisa said...

reminds me of my grammy's pies, yum.

last time i bought dream whip, it was for margaritas.

Cheryl said...

OH my gosh I had totally forgotten about that pie, my mom used to make it for us all the time too!

Leslie said...

Ohhh yes I have made this pie before and it is always such a hit. And it is sooo easy!

Anonymous said...

Just called my wife at home and told her to pick up the ingredients to make this for the weekend! Just found your blog and love reading it - you have a way with words - you make some really great stuff!! Denny

Bethie said...

Thank you Denny for your kind words. I am making a coconut version today, so stayed tune.