Saturday, June 13, 2009

lemon curd

tomorrow, my children and i shall be attending a fancy schmancy tea party, ya'll. i am in charge of scones and lemon curd. i guess that is pretty much biscuits and jelly, right? kinda. i made the lemon curd this morning and was pleasantly surprised just how delightfully tasty it is. i mean i was eating it by spoonful, so much for manners and having never made lemon curd before, i was again surprised as to how simple and quick it was to make. i poked around the internet until found this recipe. it guarantees you a smooth and lump free curd and it delivered. big j didn't like it too much, too tart for his sensitive taste buds. the kids, i didn't even offer up a taste, why bother, they would only run away in agony. i will whip up the cream scones in the morning, so look for those lovelies tomorrow. alrighty now, put the kettle on and fix yourself a cup of lipton's. i need to go practice my manners. enjoy.


Sherri said...

This looks very good! I think I'd like lemon curd. :0)

Anonymous said...

More curd for my scones please does look good i love lemon pie Im sure I could eat the lemon curd