Thursday, June 18, 2009

open face cucumber sandwich

help, i can not stop eating these. i gobbled this one right after i snapped the photo- gone, history, sayonara. it is not my fault, i have no control. it's, it's, it's lauri's fault, yeah, that's right, sounds good. you see my lifelong friend created this lovely combo, so i blame her(someone's gotta take the fall). she makes these little babies for her "talk of the town" tea parties. i tell you there is nothing, next to boiling water, that could be simpler to do. all you need is a few slices of your favorite bread. i prefer bakery pumpernickel. you can cut it into any shape or size you would like or not. spread vegetable cream cheese straight from the philly container and pile on the cukes to your liking. oh mama, these are goooood and oooooh so addicting. the only thing better, will be homegrown cucumbers, courtesy of my brother's garden. meanwhile, i guess i have no choice, but to make do with their pale and less tasty grocery store cousins. enjoy.


Pam said...

Cucumber sandwiches are my dad's very favorite. This looks refreshing, pretty and delicious.

the twins said...

these look good! i was really obsessed with cucumber sandwiches when i went to scotland a few years ago. i would always have "toasties" with tea, so good. similar to what you have, except the bread was toasted.

Anonymous said...

Probally will get a mater before then. Haven't seen it yet but I keep my eye out