Wednesday, June 3, 2009

strawberry julius

i opted to make a strawberry julius with my quart of freshly picked berries. it was exceptionally delicious and loved by all, but my three year old. he had rather suck the life out of his scooby doo go-gurt than give it a try. i will make these babies often and have already devised a plan to tweak it-dream whip! i am thinking that the dream whip powder will thicken the mixture a tad more and lend a little flavor. i was also thinking that you could make it a grown up strawberry julius with a shot of rum or alcohol of choice. try this, its berry good. enjoy.

oh, btw, i used about six ice cubes instead of the water.

6/5/09 i wanted to add that the dream whip powder did squat to the julius, so i gave instant vanilla pudding a shot. i threw in about a tbsp per batch and it made the mixture really thick and creamy. that little secret is between you and me. have fun.


Anonymous said...

Looks good Bethie I beleive I would kick mine up a bit with sone clear ok I'm done

Pam said...

This looks wonderful and refreshing. I just happen to have fresh strawberries in the fridge.

Brenda said...

Ohhhhhh why didn't we make these when I lived there?? Dang it!

That would have been great on those Friday afternoons before the kids got home!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

If your 3 year old didn't drink it surely that just means more yumminess for you? :) That's the way I look at it!