Monday, March 22, 2010

the chickens are coming

i have always wanted a chicken, so i am getting three! i am so excited.

i had mentioned to jamie in the past that i wanted one, but just figured it would becomes a snack for the resident owl, hawk or coons. recently i have been having a conversation with a new friend in tennessee and she brought up beekeeping. i too always wanted to keep bees, but that is not likely due to allergies and fears in my family. i told her about my chicken dream, and she shares that with me as well. i brought it up again with jamie about giving some backyard chickens a try. my husband must like me at least a little, because he was out in the garage immediately building our new coop! it is made entirely from old recycled fence boards and has not cost us a penny, yet. it is a work in progress, with three nesting boxes. we are getting three chicks, but you only need one box per two hens, so we expand our brood if we want. we are leaving it partially open on the bottom for the dropping which will mix below with mulch and make great compost. i can't wait.

we hope to get our chicks saturday at the local feed and seed. i will keep you posted, along with more pics. we, i say we, but jamie has to finish the coop and build a run. also, the most important thing of all-names! i keep throwing names out there to the point that caroline has asked me, "mom, stop talking about chicken names". I lay in bed at night thinking of names. Let me share a few with you....marcia, jan and cindy, or jill, kelly and sabrina, or mary ellen, erin and elizabeth, or popeye, bojangles and the colonel? my list goes on and on.....give me your suggestions.

my friend lisa suggested ann dumplings as in "chicken ann dumplings". good one.

wait a minute, they will be treated like princesses, so how about jasmine, belle and aurora?

dang, where is that old baby name book......


April said...

I am so excited for you!! and really I am jealous! I went to the local fruit and berry farm over the weekend to get some honey and he was explaining the difference in them and let me and the kids taste the difference. I was amazed at how different they were in taste! Anyways, keep us posted on your chicks!

Cheryl said...

You lucky lucky woman. I love chickens and would have some if our zoning laws allowed it. I cannot wait to see the little babies!

Sarah, Maison Cupcake said...

How exciting, you should check out the chickens on my friend's blog as she got some chickies last year.

Amanda said...

That is one beautiful chicken coop!! Well done!!

ANd I think you getting chickens is AWESOME!! Great names too!


Ha! My Word Verification is

megan said...

I LOVE that you are getting chickens! How fun! I can't wait to hear all about your adventures. This is something I"d love to do in the future!

noble pig said...

Yep, chicken urban farmers are the coolest thing.