Sunday, March 7, 2010

new favorite thing, whole wheat pancakes

not only are these whole wheat pancakes easy to make, but they actually taste good!

let me tell you, i have never been a huge fan of "straight" whole wheat. it sometimes seems, well, too "wheatie" and that's probably why most whole wheat recipes involve adding some all purpose flour, not these, not necessary. on my quest to become healthier i am attempting to incorporate more whole grains such as wheat and oats into my diet as well as the family's. this is a good start, not only for my lifestyle change, but for my day. i don't like breakfast. it is not that i don't like to eat, because we know that is not an issue. it is that i don't like the common "breakfast foods". i had rather eat a lean cuisine, until now. i love these pancakes. they are quick to throw together, tasty and last till lunch, unlike a bowl of cheerios that leaves my stomach growling an hour later. this recipe makes four good sized pancakes that are pretty fluffy yet dense. i do add spices, but think these would be delicious with the addition of flax seed, fruit, chocolate chips, nuts. you name it. this pancake recipe is a great jumping off point for all sorts of combos. i like mine plain with a smidge of my favorite brummel and brown yogurt spread and some agave syrup. well, okay, i have topped one or two with some natural peanut butter while warm, oh man, so yummy! enjoy.
beth's whole wheat pancakes

in a bowl mix the following:

one cup of whole wheat flour
one cup of fat free buttermilk or your milk of choice(you can add more if you want a thinner batter)
1 egg
2 tbsp. of applesauce
2 packets of sun crystals or tbsp. of sugar
2 tsp. of baking powder
1 tsp. of vanilla extract
1/2 to one tsp. of pumpkin pie spice

heat your frying pan over med heat, spritz with cooking spray. i generally ladle out the batter to make whatever size pancake i want. watch for the bubbles or eyes to form and pop, flip and brown the other side. slather on your favorite toppings while warm. hey, even my persnickety daughter eats these.


Cheryl said...

That sounds pretty yummy any idea how many carbs in each pancake?

HoneyB said...

Grumpy's not super big on whole wheat, but I have KA white whole wheat - so these will make it on our Sunday morning table soon! Thanks!

P.s. what are sun crystals? is this artificial sweetener?

RJ Flamingo said...

These sound great! Definitely going in the rotation with my buckwheat pancakes.

Pam said...

I am loving these pancakes, adding the pumpkin pie spice makes them extra tasty.

The baby shower cake down below looks so cute and creative!

Sarah, Maison Cupcake said...

Yum they sound good - and here's me thinking I was all pancaked out.

Amanda said...

Well they LOOK gorgeous! And I bet your recipe for them is wonderful!!


Jo said...

These were great. The only thing I changed was two eggs, and seperated the whites to beat them to peaks and then fold them into the pancake mixture.