Wednesday, March 17, 2010

cream of asparagus soup

a foodie friend of mine, casey over at tastestopping mention on twitter last week that she was making cream of asparagus soup for dinner. hmmm.....i have never had this before and i was intrigued. i love asparagus, so i am guessing it has got to be good. i set out looking for a recipe. lo and behold, my favorite, favorite, favorite blog, for the love of cooking had one posted. i should have gone there first. pam always fixes the most delicious and healthy foods. her mexican selections, holy moly, just leave me drooling. don't go there on an empty stomach, it is down right cruel. i duplicated her recipe which was originally from cooking light magazine changing it just a bit. i swapped out fat free half and half for the low fat milk, subbed brummel and brown for the butter and omitted the bay leaf all together. i didn't have one on hand. you know what, this soup is goooood. it is light, creamy and has a very mild flavor, almost a cream of broccoli taste. you wouldn't know it was low fat. i will make this again. enjoy.


Pam said...

Bethie you truly just made my day. Thanks for the sweet words about my blog - I am so glad you like it. I too really like this soup, it's simple to make, healthy and tasty. Thanks for the link back to my site - you ROCK!

Bren said...

oh em gee!! i GREW UP eating Campbell's cream of asparagus soup and just loooooooved it! Never made it myself and bam, here's one to try! thanks for sharing. We like Casey, too! :)

Amanda said...

Very interesting!! Looks quite beautiful!!

Love your blog design.. perfect for spring!