Friday, March 26, 2010

my new favorite thing

my new coin wristlet by joyce pleasant from her etsy shop, jp's accessories. i was introduced to joyce's handy work by my friend lauri. she owns several of jp's handbags. they are gorgeous and i was jealous. when lauri's birthday rolled around, i remembered those purses and looked up joyce's shop to see what else she offered. that birthday lauri got this wonderful little cosmetic bag. isn't it cute?
the next birthday she got this custom made wristlet. isn't even cuter?

then there is julie and her birthday. she dropped an ever so subtle hint that she would like a case for her ipod touch. hmmm, let's ask joyce, sure enough she came through making a quality case with ear bud storage. i mean, does it get any cuter than this?

yes, yes it does. now, it is my turn. i was wanting something to carry with me when walking. i originally thought of a custom fanny pack, but my fanny is so large and jiggly, that i didn't think it needed any more attention. all though i knew joyce would do a fab job i opted for a wristlet similar to lauri's. i convo'd(etsy talk for emailed) joyce, picked a material and got this in the mail a week later.
i love it!
i love the fabric, the color, and the size. joyce's love and care shines through in her craftsmanship. all pieces are heartily stitched and fully lined. you can tell she takes great pride in her work.

now the best part, i just ordered a purse! let me clarify something here. i am cheap. i own three purses that all over five years old and cost less than ten dollars each. this purse will be the most money i have ever spent on a pocketbook and still isn't that much. it is top quality and will be worth every penny. i am so excited. i found the fabric of my choice online, linked her, got a return email saying not a problem give her a week or so. how simple is that? i hope you will visit jp's accessories and browse her store. i think you will agree that her work is amazing.

gosh, the next week is going to drag by. i am so excited, again. below is my fabric. can you guess which one?

ps-it's called the funky chicken. i am also really digging the egg beater fabric that compliments it, too. hmmm........


Cheryl said...

Too cute, I need a new makeup bag, but the ones at the store are all plastic and ugly. I shall check her out.

TeaLady said...

These ARE too cute....

Love egg beater material