Wednesday, March 31, 2010

mocha chocolate chip muffins

i made these muffins the other day for the gang and boy howdy are they a keeper. this is a bon appetite magazine recipe and you can find it here. i pretty much followed the recipe with a few changes. not having buttermilk or pecans, i used milk soured with cider vinegar and skipped the pecans all together. i also used only 1/3 cup chocolate chips because my chips, from trader joe's, were huge. i am thinking next time, i will use buttermilk and throw in some walnuts. i truly think you could use any type of milk, but buttermilk really seems to add to the moistness of baked goods or so i believe, but i am not a trained professional. i also just like walnuts with chocolate much better than pecans. folks, these muffins are not super sweet, but are super good. also, they are moist with a rich, deep, chocolate flavor. i know they are good, not only because they are all gone, but because i snuck a top off one(don't tell the doc).

mocha chocolate chips muffins, better than anything you can make from a box or buy wrapped in cello with otis spunkmonkey stamped on top! go make a batch for the family today. enjoy.

ps-i did use the hershey's special dark cocoa in this recipe.


April said...

I think I will make them for tomorrow. We are going up to cakes cove for the day and these would be perfect to take. It is going to be close to 85 tomorrow, so I am betting the kids will get in the creek!

sarah, Maison Cupcake said...

They look great, I'm really into muffins right now.