Saturday, March 20, 2010

rocky road peep brownies

this isn't really a recipe much as it is something fun to do. who doesn't love brownies? throw in some marshmallow peeps, handful of chocolate chips and walnuts, voila, you've got rocky road. it is simple. bake your favorite box brownie mix in an 8x8 pan per directions. our favorite is the walmart house brand, no joke. it beats out all the other name brands, and trust me, we've tried them all. once they are done. lay your peeps(ours were bunnies) on top, now sprinkle with as little or as much chocolate chips and walnut pieces you like. smoosh them down into your peeps a little. now pop back into your oven and watch those babies puff. i did notice that the blue ones get kinda green from the heat, so don't freak. once puffy and gooey, remove from the oven. the marshmallow will collapse when cooled. enjoy.