Wednesday, May 6, 2009

camp cupcake's swedish meatballs

i made swedish meatballs tonight for dinner, as requested by big j. he had seen the recipe in an old issue of martha stewart's everyday food that i was using as a coaster. let me first say that i usually have no luck with ms's recipes. they just never seem to turn out quite right. the ikea wannabes were not so pretty to look at and a tad bland, but they were simple to make and somewhat tasty. i would make them again. i served them with egg noodles and green peas. big j was "gut bomb" happy, especially as he mounded the green peas on top and gave it all a good stir. ugh.

c & t took one look and whined. they moved out.

swedish meatballs, it's a good thing. well, sorta.

(big j added the tomater for color)

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