Wednesday, May 20, 2009

lazy man's bbq

i picked up this boneless pork sirloin from the local market and thus was the first step in making my lazy man's bbq. the reason i dubbed it lazy man's or if you want to get technical, lazy woman's bbq is because it is so dang easy to make. i think this is good stuff, but great stuff takes time and effort, lots of smoking, basting, turning, more smoking, chopping, i ain't got time for all that. i simple threw the boneless pork sirloin in my ancient, i mean vintage slow cooker with one large sliced vidalia onion and nothing else, no salt, no pepper, no water, nothing. i cranked it to high and let it roll till it was quit literally falling apart. i would guess a good six hours. once it was done i moved it onto a plate along with the onions to cool slightly. the sirloin produced quit a bit of juice that i did not use, too much grease. i let it cool just enough to handle and then i pulled it apart into workable chunks for my processor, which i had fitted with the steel blade. i pulsed it, a few chunks at a time, to the consistency i like, finely chopped, but not mushy. i threw the onions in too. after chopping, i put it all in a stovetop dutch oven on low heat and proceeded to drown it with my favorite brand of bbq sauce-sweet baby ray's. i love their sweet vidalia onion sauce. it's good stuff folks, give it a try. you know what? lo and behold, i didn't have enough. one bottle barely wet the pork, so i did some doctoring. i added ketchup, cider vinegar and brown sugar. i just eyeballed the amounts and keep tasting till the meat till i was happy as a pig in mud or sweet vidalia onion bbq sauce anyway. i just left the pot on low, stirring occasionally, till time to eat. i piled it high on a potato roll, mounded on the slaw and smothered it with hot sauce. holey moley was it good.

what about the slaw you ask? well, ya can't have bbq, good or bad, without coleslaw, so i had made a batch earlier that morning. you see coleslaw makes good bbq even better and bad bbq, it just helps you choke it down. i'll tell ya about it tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I know you are saving some of that for me right?

Anonymous said...

I love pulled pork sammies - they are one of my favorite things and you HAVE to have slaw on it! :D

Sunny said...

I had to comment on your coleslaw remark coz it is sooo true. Raised in eastern NC, we are picky 'bout our barbeque - now in SC and they don't know what a good barbeque is but....with some slaw, even THEIR barbeque can pass the hunger test. *lol* Coleslaw can make a hotdog even better to me too! Oh gosh, now I'm gittin' hungry...again! *lol*