Thursday, May 14, 2009

sticky buns so easy even jeffrey could make

my buns certainly did not need these buns, but i made them anyway for mother's day. the recipe is from ina garten's back to basics cookbook, i love this cookbook, but don't have the extra $35 to spend, so i just keep checking it out of the library. these little babies were down right easy and tasty. i would make these again and again. well actually, i am going to make them again, but i am planning on making a few changes, sorry contessa. i am switching up the raisins for dried cranberries, and the pecans for walnuts. i also plan on using less of the fruit as well as the "topping" butter. my kids are picky, so i will make a few naked buns, too. don't be scared of the puff pastry, that is the easy part. what great stuff puff pastry is, simply thaw overnight in your fridge, unroll, spread on your filling, re-roll, slice and bake. viola! i will tell you that you do need to keep a close eye on these as they bake. the oven temp is pretty high and they can easily burn. when done, i let mine sit only for a few minutes in the pan before flipping them all at once. i lost a few nuts in the process(insert sarcastic remark here), but no biggie. i had no problem with those lovelies sticking, except to my hips. give'em try.


Anonymous said...

Looks great Beth your food is the bomb !!!!!!

lisa said...

i'm putting it on my 'to do' list

i heart cinnamon!