Tuesday, May 5, 2009

favorite thangs

do you have a favorite thang or thangs? i am sure you do. i have a few that make me happy, so i thought i would share with you folks. now, don't get too excited, the first is pretty simple, but it gets the job done. i have used it a great deal lately, just a few minutes ago in fact, which inspired this post. i have seen its fancy electric cousin on tv, but i like my hand powered one just fine. the barefoot contessa uses her fancy new fangled version all the time(actually, jeffrey's wife is a favorite thang of mine, too). also, my old buddy was used by one of the greatest cooks i ever knew, my grandma viola. that woman could use bacon grease in more ways than you could ever imagine. plus, she was the only person i know who would open the carton and slice her icecream. you would have to punch the center of the slice of "all three kinds" with your spoon to make it fit in the bowl or just let it straddle the rim and go for it. anyway, say hello to my little friend........... my glass fruit juicer. i heart you.

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lisa said...

whatcha makin?