Tuesday, May 5, 2009

coconut cake fail

update-5/6/09-the cake still sucks!

so i made a coconut cake or i thought i was making a coconut cake. i made a cocoyuk cake instead. it was a flop, a big ole stinkin' hairy flop. the icing was the icing on this cake, so to speak. it is dreadful and i won't even bother to share the recipe with you. it was suppose to be a white chocolate whipped cream frosting. this frosting tastes awfully sweet as well as just plain ole awful. it wouldn't stay put. it just fell off the top, innards and sides in great big clumps of sugary curdled puddles. it made me cringe. i was very tempted to chuck the whole thing into the garbage can
( it wouldn't be the first time), but i went ahead and slopped the frosting on the best i could. i then covered it in plastic wrap and threw it into the fridge. i was hoping that getting it nice and cold would help, some how bring life to that narly icing. so........

i just now cut the first slice for the hubster and guess what? he liked it, he really liked it.

guess what? i didn't like it, i really didn't like it. well, not so much, but

i have to admit, the cake part is actually very good. once you scrape all the gunk off, it is down right tasty. i would recommend it. it has a great texture, like a pound cake. it would be fantastic as little cupcakes split and piled high with strawberries and sweetened whipped cream. hmmmmmm....i will keep you posted on that one. you can find the the recipe here. oh, i halved it and used vanilla only.

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Sherri said...

I think the cake looks awesome! I would love some!