Thursday, May 28, 2009

foodgawker, a love hate relationship

i love foodgawker. i hate foodgawker. i have made six submissions in the past week and all six where shot down. i hate bring rejected, dissed, vetoed and just not feeling the love. it breaks my little ole heart, not to mention my bank account because they are forcing me, i mean really twisting my arm, to buy a new camera. the pictures i submitted were either too tight of a composite or poor lighting/overexposed. i now feel that i am on a quest, i have a true mission in life as if being a wife and mother weren't enough. i need my few minutes of culinary glory dammit! food gawker or bust!

ok, i need chocolate.

i would love any camera suggestions, pretty middle of the road is all i need.


Leslie said...

you are cracking me up. You seem like you have the same sense of humor I do. a.k.a quazi smart assy! I love it!
I love my camera I have A Canon Rebel XTI. It is a SLR type camera and it is the bomb. I will never go back to those itty bitty, push the button and take an hour to take the picture camera again.

Bethie said...

Leslie, you are dead on about the smart ass part! LOL!! Thank you for the camera suggestion. I don't even know where to begin.

Katie Mar said...

i'm having this same problem now!! it's making me so angry, but i still keep submitting!