Tuesday, May 19, 2009

the contessa's lemon cake

done peasant style. i had been hankering for a good lemon pound cake. ina garten's, the barefoot contessa, lemon cake has been circulating the internet for some time, but i had yet to make it, until now. the recipe makes two loaf cakes, but i opted to use my tube pan. i can see now why this is such a popular recipe. it is brilliant!. the batter bakes up dense, buttery and not over lemony. i was expecting a big lemon kick with all that grated lemon zest, but that comes from the glaze and icing combo. those two will make ya pucker and squeal. this is good stuff folks. i will do again for sure.

recently, big j and myself have fancied a cuppa in the evenings and this cake pairs perfectly. pinkies up and enjoy!

p.s.- i wanted to add that i begun checking my cake around the 45 minute mark, then covered it will foil(i don't like it too brown), and kept checking every ten minutes till it was "toothpick clean" done.


Anonymous said...

It's gorgeous!- xox

Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

Oh wow, you got the perfect colouring for it (mine always seem a bit too baked) but that is the perfect pale lemon shade. It looks so moist and buttery! :)

lisa said...

this is a great cake! my kid loves it.

and i know i ask every day, but today i mean it: bring me a piece?