Saturday, May 30, 2009

chocolate granola

so i had a few semi-sweet chocolate chips left in a bag, now what to make? i scanned the internet for a few ideas, but settled on cooking light's chocolate crunch granola or at least my version. most folks have an image of boho health and nature when they think of granola, but in actuality granola can be very unhealthy. it is often loaded with fat and sugar. i am not calling this a low fat or low sugar granola, but it is definitely lower than most. i did make a few changes, opting out of the rice crispies, switching to sliced almonds and using trader joe's orange essence dried cranberries. the outcome was pretty tasty. big j liked the granola pretty well. he preferred it straight out the bowl, dry. i tried it with milk, good, but a tad sweet for me. it also makes the milk chocolaty, not crazy about that action. the kids, they had rather clean their rooms than even look its way. it is not the prettiest granola i have ever seen, but it does taste good. i would make again, but not too soon.

now what to make with other unopened bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips? ideas welcomed.

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