Thursday, May 14, 2009

what's that carol ann?

they're here.

well, they've been here. here is my mother's day gift to myself, a new set of knives. since i have been off the air, so to speak, i have not been able to share them with you until now. let me preface this blurb by alerting you to the fact that i am a tightwad, penny pincher, cheapskate, etc... i don't like to spend anymore money than necessary on anything. This is the reason i have been using steak knives as my kitchen weapon of choice for years. recently, i found this cutlery set on the jc penney's website. it had originally been $80, ain't happening, marked down to $20 and i had a $10 off code, so in the end ten bucks for two knives. now, we're in business. they aren't fancy, but they do feel good in my hand. maybe i didn't do too bad after all. the strange thing is although the bigger of the two blades does have a pretty decent cutting edge, the paring knife is dull. weird, huh? i mean, these are brand new knives. what is the problem with this picture? lucky for me, i have a butcher brother who can take care of sharpening that little sucker. that baby will be good as new, or in this case, better than new.

i guess i could have always gone with the ginsu knife collection instead.


Anonymous said...

My brother is also a butcher he sharpens all my knives and my teeth

Bethie said...

Show yourself! You crack me up.